Robotic Coronary Artery Bypass

Temple cardiovascular surgeons specialize in robotic coronary artery bypass (CABG) procedures also called “totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass”. Your surgeon may recommend this minimally invasive procedure to re-route blood flow near your heart.

What happens during Robotic Coronary Artery Bypass

In Robotic CABG, your surgeon works through small incisions to guide tiny surgical instruments while viewing magnified images on a computer screen. Your surgeon controls the robotic instruments to bypass the narrowed coronary arteries and re-establish blood flow. Robotic CABG can be performed without your heart being stopped during the surgery ("off-pump").

Robotic CABG: What to Expect

  • Compared to traditional "open" heart surgery that would require a large incision down your chest, robotic-assisted bypass increases the possibility of an easier and quicker recovery, less pain, and the ability to get back to your normal activities sooner.
  • This procedure allows your heart surgeon to work through small keyhole-sized incisions using tiny, precision-guided instruments. That's why it is sometimes called "keyhole" surgery.
  • After making the incisions, your surgeon views images from your body on a computer screen. Your surgeon can see clear, precise, three-dimensional images, while controlling a set of robotic instruments that exactly replicates his or her hand, arm, and wrist movements.
  • Using the special computer and robotic instruments, your surgeon uses a vein or artery from another part of your body to bypass, or go around, the narrowed coronary arteries that are no longer able to function correctly. This establishes renewed blood flow.
  • Your surgeon can tell you about the risks and benefits of your specific procedure.

Potential advantages of Robotic CABG

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain and scarring
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and need for blood transfusions
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities

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Robotic CABG: Why the Temple Heart & Vascular Center?

Temple heart surgeons have extensive experience in performing Robotic CABG. They understand the complexities and rigors of heart surgery and often elect minimally invasive procedures to reduce your risk of infection and blood loss. However, every patient is different, and our surgeons' experience guides them in recommending the most appropriate surgery and approach.

In addition to our technological advances in surgery, we emphasize the comprehensive and supportive care needed by patients throughout the surgical process; from your first visit to Temple to the end of your recovery process, you will always feel our commitment to compassionate care.

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