Aortic Valve Surgery

If you need aortic valve repair because of aortic valve stenosis or regurgitation, your doctor may advise valve repair or replacement without open surgery—instead using endovascular, mini-thoracotomy, port access, or keyhole approaches. In some cases your surgeon will take advantage of the high resolution imaging and improved angles of approach offered by robotically-guided minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive approaches still require putting you on a heart-lung machine, but they also tend to cause less trauma than open heart surgery.  

What Happens During Aortic Valve Repair? 

The exact procedure depends on the problem being fixed. To repair aortic valve flaps (leaflets) that do not close tightly and allow blood to leak backward into the ventricle (called regurgitation), your surgeon may strengthen or add support to the valve. A narrow valve may need to be reshaped. In some cases, your surgeon may repair a tear in the valve tissue or remove calcium that causes a blockage (stenosis). If you have an inherited condition that causes you to have two valve flaps instead of three, surgeons can separate the fused leaflets. 

As they repair the aortic valve, our surgeons can also treat problems in the nearby aorta (the large artery leaving the heart); for example, they can reinforce a weakened or torn section of the aorta with a mesh tube (stent). If needed, your surgeon will recommend aortic valve replacement or another more complex procedure that might require open surgery.

Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Repair: Why the Temple Heart and Vascular Center?

Temple heart surgeons have extensive experience in performing minimally invasive aortic valve repair. They understand the complexities and rigors of heart surgery and often elect minimally invasive procedures to reduce your risk of infection and blood loss. However, every patient is different, and our surgeons' experience guides them in recommending the most appropriate surgery and approach.

In addition to our technological advances in surgery, we emphasize the comprehensive and supportive care needed by patients throughout the surgical process; from your first visit to Temple to the end of your recovery process, you will always feel our commitment to compassionate care.

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